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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tale of the Mouse!

So it was a normal Sunday morning. Linlea and I were up and getting ready to go to church. Church does not start till one so we had a bit of time before we needed to go. She was getting ready and I went into the living room and sat on the couch. I had the laptop out and was checking email when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. At first I said to myself your seeing things, it was just a shadow on the screen, maybe you need to put on your glasses. But after a debate that lasted all of two seconds in my head I looked up and saw it. My arch rival, the creature that I despise almost as much as snakes… the mouse. So he scurried over towards the wall and hid behind the plant, still unaware that he had been spotted. Right away I jumped into action searching for something to get him with. I first searched for the baseball bat but could not find it. As I scanned the room I saw the wooden trashcan in the corner. Brilliant, I can catch him and then I would slip a piece of cardboard under and shake him to death. Wise beyond my years I thought. Now just to get him in the trashcan. I quietly tiptoed over towards the plant and prepared myself for the ambush I was about to make on the mouse. Trashcan in hand I moved the plant and…… vroom there he went across the room and out of sight before I even moved. Man this is going to be harder than I thought. After checking around to see if I could find him, I did the unthinkable. I went and told Linlea that we had a mouse in the house. Her response was classic squirming followed by the, “what if he gets in my shoes?” To which I responded, “Just push your foot down really hard, problem solved.” Believe it or not I was the only one laughing at that. From that point on she checked her shoes and was not seen walking around barefoot.

Monday we set out on the journey to catch the mouse again. This time though would be more strategic, we would use mouse traps. HA brilliant!! We cannot fail. After re-teaching myself how to set the trap and setting it off and hitting my finger I finally managed to put the cheese on them. We put them out and then the waiting begin. After a few days and no mouse, we were not sure if we would catch him. We were setting on the couch the other night and we notice that the cheese was missing from the trap in the living room. I asked Linlea, "Can cheese evaporate?" "Uh no." Right of course not, we have a high pro file mouse on our hands. Determined not to lose to this little critter we set out to set the traps again. Linlea remembered hearing that peanut butter was better than cheese to use. So after checking on google and getting a good laugh from the "Please use live traps, cause last time my trap smashed its nose and i felt terrible lady," we set the traps with peanut butter. Feeling confident with our new found method of mouse trapping we went to bed, Linlea sleeping closer to me than normal. (Might of had something to do with me talking about the mouse getting in the bed.)

The next morning Linlea comes in the room and says we got the mouse. As I went out to inspect our kill, I could not help but beam with pride over the victory that had just taken place. After taking care of the clean up the mouse story was over. As Linlea said "we no longer have a mouse in the house." Me "No, we just have one less mouse in the house." Moral of the story.... Heath &Linlea 1- Mouse 0.