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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Snip Snip Here, Snip Snip There

 Heath's hair grows so fast - just like mine! And getting a haircut so often can get pretty expensive. So... Heath and I went and got a hair cutting kit at Macy's after Heath had sort of convinced me that I could cut his hair. :) Then the day came and I got a little nervous about doing it. He told me it was really easy so we started! I was such a wimp! Heath finally just said, CUT IT! Haha... I was a little afraid to mess up his hair but I kept going. It actually turned out fine, it looked good. Except, I didn't cut off too much so he needed another haircut just a few weeks later. That time I really cut it! It was just as short as when he goes and cuts it and I must say... I did a pretty good job. :) I am now officially Heath's Barber. Hooray! :)
 These pictures were taken during our first attempt. He looks thrilled... and I look crazy! Haha. :)

Well.... A few days after that second haircut I told Heath that I wanted to get mine cut. We had been talking about it for about a month. Every time I told Heath that I wanted to get it cut he would say, "I think that'd be good, I'm sure it'd be nice for summer." My response would be - yeah. And then I wouldn't go get it cut, I wasn't sure... Really, I needed to talk myself into it. Finally that day I had told Heath that I wanted to get it cut and that I was actually going to get it cut after he got home from work so I had the truck. It was a plan, I was going to do it. :) During the day I remembered that Denise had said she wanted to get hers cut too so I called her and asked if she wanted to have a haircut party! She was busy and I had homework that I should have been doing too so we kind of passed on the party and I went to campus to do homework. About an hour later she called and asked if I was still up for the party - woo hoo, it was going to be much more fun then homework! So she came and picked me up and we were off to PAR-TAY! :)

First thing we were going to do was go to the place that she had gotten a groupon for. We went to the address and all that was there was the post office. We circled the street, asked the hotel that was next to the post office what their address was... then I called the place and it was in like American Fork or somewhere! The Groupon lied... they said it was Provo! Oh dear! But... it was a great adventure! haha. So we headed to Great Clips to get both ours cut instead. The first lady that cut Denise's hair... didn't really cut it. And I let the lady that cut mine do whatever she wanted and she cut it all off!! Then we went back in and the lady that did mine cut Denise's again with some layers and some length off... it was cute! And mine was short! We picked up Chad who was shocked by Denise cutting her hair, by how much mine was gone... and then we went and saw Heath's reaction to my short hair. It was a fun day!! So... all four of us got a new style... I had cut Heath's hair a few days earlier, then Denise and I had a SUPER FUN haircut party, and Denise cut Chad's hair a few days later! So fun!! :) Denise and I meant to have a photo shoot of our new styles... we haven't done that yet but here are a few pictures of us after the haircut party! (I cut probably 10 or 11 inches off! I believe this is the shortest my hair has been since it grew to be that length when I was little!! :)