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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween Fun!

Halloween night was actually spent on the road coming back to Utah from New Mexico, but Heath and I still got into the Halloween spirit before we went on our trip! Early in October we had a day where we went crazy with decorations - we got Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations to put up in our house. Not too much yet but just a little something to be festive! So, we put up our cool Halloween decorations for October!

We got a more fall flower, sunflowers, to replace the
daisies that we had in there for summer.

Our cute jack-o-lantern filled with candy corn, of course!

The ghost we got from the Bishops family with yummy

He's there to welcome people to our home for
Halloween and Thanksgiving! :)

 For FHE the Monday before Halloween we carved pumpkins! I hate pulling the stuff from inside the pumpkin but I got over it and we had a good time! I used a stencil to make my ghoul over the cemetery and Heath did his free hand - I was very impressed! We had seen on a TV show that if you cut around the stem it ruins the pumpkin faster because nutrients are still going to the pumpkin from the stem so they said to cut the back out to get out the "stuff." Who knew? We didn't but we followed instructions. :) It was fun!

Mine fell first and Heath said it was because I cut its
heart out! :)

We were amused that the pumpkin carving knife bent the
first time we stuck it into one of the pumpkins. It still worked though!

Us with a cowboy hat! :) Heath's masterpiece!

Our pumpkins!

 We also made Halloween sugar cookies the weekend before we left for New Mexico. I took some to the girls I visit teach and then we took the rest home and gave them to family there. We made them here and then finished icing them in NM thanks to the icing making help from my wonderful mom!!

Heath's ghost cookie - we didn't end up baking it, we thought
it might be a little big for one cookie. :P

 We had a fun time being festive for Halloween! And even though we didn't dress up any time we had TONS of fun in Albuquerque for the weekend with family! It was way better then dressing up or handing out candy! :)

Flowers and Worms! :)

I had spent Friday and Saturday of one weekend at home, mostly, working on school work and other things. It had been some long days but I had gotten a lot done. I was a little stir crazy though and my sweet husband could tell. He came from work Saturday night and handed me a big, beautiful bouquet of tulips and a big bag of gummy worms (because I had mentioned, about a week earlier, that someone in my class had been eating gummy worms and they smelled so good! ha) It was so nice! We ate gummy worms for a long time and enjoyed the pretty, crazy tulips on our kitchen counter for the next little while. He is the best! I'm so lucky! :)

Paint Job #2: Bathroom

Our bathroom was not the prettiest thing you've ever seen. The house we're living in is quite old and has little ventilation so that bathroom showed all of that. After doing the living room a few months a go, the bathroom was the next room on our list to paint. Heath had some shorter work days and some days off in the middle of September so we took advantage and re-did the bathroom. He stripped most of the old paint with his strong manly muscles :) and did most of the primer because I about fainted from the strong smell in that small room with only the tiny window. But then I helped with the taping, painting, and finishing everything. It took longer then we expected but turned out good! We decided to jazz it up a little and not just paint it plain white so we got a very light green and a yellow to accent the room. We like it! And it feels so much cleaner now! Yippee! :) Now the big places to paint are down to the kitchen and the hall. We're moving on through. It is so fun to do these little projects and learn together! We have a fun time doing it all! :)

Before, During, and the Final Product:

 We are happy people to have a clean, freshly painted bathroom!