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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Things We Do

Since I've just updated our blog with all the big things we've done this summer I just wanted to put up a post of some other things we've done the last few months...

In Russia we ate these all the time! They were little chocolate covered
cheesecake bites, basically. They were about 20 cents and
we LOVED them! I made pseudo - сырок when I made cheesecake
once and took them to Heather. :)

Attempt at making smiley face pancakes
like my Grandpa Harrison did when we were little.
Countdown cupcakes I gave to Aubrie 26 days before her wedding
Playing Yahtzee and the dice got stuck!
He's blaming me :)
A note for Heath when he got home... we watched football and
had typical football watching food that night! So fun!
Naps are always fun!

We do a lot of card playing. This was the last 3-13 game:
Heath got 0 the whole time as I just racked up the points!
He's good! :)
This was my project for History of Creativity

It took a long time but turned out good! It was a mosaic clock
with a tens based number system (for the history part.)

Heath helped me finish it and cut the glass for the time so I
made this for him!

He told me if I'd put his face on it I'd definitely get a 100%. :)

This was my project for History of Creativity, the second half

It's a mix of a U.S.A flag and a Russia flag with the pictures overlying
them of the effects that war has had on both countries.
If you look at different parts of the US flag - there are the letters W-A-R.
My supplies

All the ties to organize (they used to just be
hanging over hangers - it was hard to even see
what he had.)

My solution - I made him this tie rack so he could actually see
his ties!
Pillow cover for Fall! -I've gotten a little obsessed with sewing
lately! And Heath is great and even went to Joanns to get fabric with

Pillow covers for Christmas

The other side of those pillows

I set up a bit of a "fancy" dinner for us.

That same night, without even knowing what I'd set up,
Heath brought me home these beautiful flowers!
Then, I set up an even more romantic dinner another night.
This is to watch a movie after dinner.

With the candles, sparkling cider, and all.

It was an Italian dinner - these and a homemade pizza. :)

My handsome date!

I dressed up - like at Olive Garden or somewhere - and this is
the night he brought me the watch for my birthday. :)
 Those are just the things that we took pictures of! We have a great time together! I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful husband that will do all these things with me!! I love him and I love life!! :)

Growing, Growing, Gone...

We posted at the beginning of the summer of the garden and flowers that we planted. Well, that added a lot to our summer! Our garden grew and grew and grew! We had a great summer/fall keeping good care of our pretty flowers and our vegetables. We didn't have too much faith in the veggies, we just wanted to see what would come of them. Our little garden did very well though, regardless of our lack of much faith. Very soon our cucumber plants started growing, one day we spotted the first bright yellow flower... that meant cucumbers were coming!
Cucumber Plants


The first spotted flower

It's coming along..
 Pretty soon there were tons of flowers and we were on the lookout for any cucumbers!

 Then, the cucumber plants started taking over the garden and we found our first grown cucumber!

 And then another...

 And then suddenly... a TON more!!
We picked all these in one day. :)
 After getting so many, we started the pickle making process. It was a long and sort of messy process but they turned out great!

 And... cucumbers just kept coming!!

 And we kept making pickles and started canning them up!

Cans and cucumbers overtaking our counter!

Pretending to drink the pickle juice.

Our first batch of bright green pickles!

another batch..

And finally.. our last cucumbers picked

Our final product... pickles for a long time!!
 After giving lots of cucumbers away, eating lots of them, and canning the rest, the cucumber plant was finally through giving us wonderful veggies! So, we pulled them up and tried to give more room to our carrots. After we did that our house was being re stuccoed and there were construction workers walking around that did not care about gardens too much I suppose. Here was our solution:

 It worked! They stayed off our carrots. Unfortunately because we planted a little late and because the cucumbers "ruled the roost" our carrots are still as big as they were when the cucumbers started doing well... very small. No carrots this year but we know what to do better next year. We loved our little garden and flowers, what a fun thing to take care of together! :) And now we have yummy yummy pickles for a while! :)